Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Reservations: Philippines

Ai nako, here it is! It's (practically) confirmed.
I am plastering the words now: ANTHONY BOURDAIN'S VISIT TO THE PHILIPPINES AIRS FEBRUARY 16TH. Tune into the Travel Channel at 10pm that night.

I can see it now - 
balut, adobo, sinigang, lechon... all the key foods of my people, and all the reason I became vegetarian at thirteen. Food is very much appreciated and respected, which is comforting in a sense for the animals that are used in every dish. But really, Filipinos use animals in everything that is eaten. You'll see during the show.

Filipinos love to eat, I mean, really lub it. I'm excited to see how Philippine cuisine is portrayed on the show. I hope it's all done in good taste (harhar!).



The McCarthys said...

we love that show! Did you see the one on Venice and the Azores? Did you know that my great-grandfather is from the Azores? I am not sure which island, though. So I've got a little portuguese running through my veins. We will definetly tune in to watch! the new background!

Tim and Melissa said...

No, I didn't see either of those shows - I admit, I rarely watch his show, just read his blog - but I did see a video snippet on the Azores. Anthony was quoted as saying that it's a very picturesque, and clean place. Cool!