Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

What are you going to be for Halloween? This year, we don't have anything planned for Halloween night, so we will probably stay home and hand out treats to trickster's. Though, on Saturday night, we're going to a Zombie Bash and I'm so excited to play dead! It's going to be so much fun! I think I'll go as a zombie from the 80's - frilly skirt, shoulder pads, and big hair. Tim should go as a zombie baseball player. We have a few days to decide how best to spook...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stop the maddness!

In search for a good scare, we put on Jeepers Creepers.
skeptical sarcasm and sibling squabbles scarcely startle nor sufficiently scare.
I mean, if anything, I got bored and started cleaning.
Ugh, and he's like, a bat or something.

Hit me with your best shot! What is YOUR favorite scary movie? Send us a comment, and your suggestion may just be the next movie to cause me major psychological damage. Like this one:

To this day, I cannot walk down long corridors.

And this one:
But, I assure you, it is only the music that freaks me out.

Oh, and my favorite "Oh, SH*T!!!" moment in a scary movie:

It's a brilliant scene. And I don't dare grow my hair out too long anymore!

Ok, bring it! I want a good scary movie to watch...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

the cuteness!

...but they take up too much of the bed.

Gutom ako!

Gutom ako is Tagalog for,"I'm hungry" - and yes, I am! I've got a craving for some warm Filipino food. If only my mom were in town to come over and cook for me! I love my mom's cooking so much. I love that she gladly alters predominately pork-heavy Filipino dishes to be vegetarian, despite her "ai nako" while doing so.
Tonight, I will attempt to make Pinakbet - one of my favorite Filipino dishes, reminding me of my childhood and satisfying my belly. I've never made this before. I googled a recipe just to find the main components, so I can attempt it for myself.

I am very impressed with the outcome of my first attempt at Pinakbet because it was delicious! It perfumed the house with a wonderful aroma and got my mouth watering. My sister came over and we talked about when we were young and how much we love okra.
I separated a small portion (whoa, I feel like my mom) and added shrimp (whoa, if mom could see me now, she wouldn't believe it!). Tim enjoyed the meal. He didn't like the fact that he had to peel the shrimp while eating, but:
1) It's enough that I cooked the shrimp
2) Filipinos eat with their hands anyway, so he got the full experience!

It was fun cooking a "new" meal for dinner. I loved that I was able to share this with Tim, who is the best at being so open to trying new things - now, if only he'd get on the Kombucha train with me!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Devin's got a brand new groove!

This past Wednesday, Devin went to see the orthopedic surgeon for his second set of post-surgery radiographs. He came out from the Treatment room smiling and walking on all four paws - he's free from his cast! 
Oh, what a sweet relief to know that I don't have to do weekly bandage changes on him anymore, and also to know that he can get back to being a rambunctious puppy! He's been jumping around and dancing, you can tell he's so happy!
He's got some severe muscular atrophy, but it's nothing a a few extra laps around the block can't fix. As a matter of fact, it'll be good for ALL of us to do extra laps.
Here's a darling picture of Devin with his cool new foster-pal, Battleship.