Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stop the maddness!

In search for a good scare, we put on Jeepers Creepers.
skeptical sarcasm and sibling squabbles scarcely startle nor sufficiently scare.
I mean, if anything, I got bored and started cleaning.
Ugh, and he's like, a bat or something.

Hit me with your best shot! What is YOUR favorite scary movie? Send us a comment, and your suggestion may just be the next movie to cause me major psychological damage. Like this one:

To this day, I cannot walk down long corridors.

And this one:
But, I assure you, it is only the music that freaks me out.

Oh, and my favorite "Oh, SH*T!!!" moment in a scary movie:

It's a brilliant scene. And I don't dare grow my hair out too long anymore!

Ok, bring it! I want a good scary movie to watch...


The McCarthys said...

The Shinning is by far my favorite scary movie. I remember staying up with dad one night and watching it on cable and then wishing I hadn't cause I was so scared. I didn't watch it for years, until college again I think. And I watched it again a year or so ago, and saw so many more things that must have scared me, but I didn't realize.

Oh, but my scariest media moment of all...

The first appearance of the Bumble in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! It still makes my heart flutter just a wee bit.

The McCarthys said...

I would have to agree with Mike that "The Shining" is my favorite scary movie. I would have to add "The Fly" (with Jeff Goldblum), "Seven", "The Grudge", and "The Thing" (with Kurt Russell)to the top of my list.

Tim and Melissa said...

The Shining! No doubt everyone I've come across has this movie to credit for an extreme fright!!

BTW, just after I posted this last night, I went outside and heard from the abandoned house next door, a kitten meowing. I know that during the day, the house is being refurbished so maybe a kitten wandered in and got stuck inside, but isn't it just the typical horror movie scene to go in search for something in the dark?!
I conjured up a scary idea in my head: I go in with a dim flashlight to follow the noise and find that it's some crazy person impersonating a meow to get people close to kill them!
Oh... I watch too much TV!!
Anyway, I called Animal Control - they can deal with it.

The Wehrweins said...

I love that Mike owns up to BUMBLE!! Poor Mikey!! ahahahaha!!

I FINALLY saw The Shining when we brought Georgia home. Why don't I think The Shinning was that scary?! For reals. I was creeped out by the emptiness of the Hotel... but it really didn't scare me... The Ring didn't do anything for me either.

For me good ol' Poltergeist. The closet and of course the clown.


The Wehrweins said...

oh! I agree with Krista! Seven was scarey! That's the one Kevin Spacey movie I will only see once!

Jadie said...

This is Tim's cousin, Jen. I think I met you at a family reunion... Anyway...I'm a real scaredy-cat when it comes to scary movies. So, like pretty much every scary movie I've ever seen is the scariest. Even the Scary Movie spoof movies freak me out a bit! So, anyway, what happens to that kid when he goes down that corridor?!