Saturday, October 11, 2008

Devin's got a brand new groove!

This past Wednesday, Devin went to see the orthopedic surgeon for his second set of post-surgery radiographs. He came out from the Treatment room smiling and walking on all four paws - he's free from his cast! 
Oh, what a sweet relief to know that I don't have to do weekly bandage changes on him anymore, and also to know that he can get back to being a rambunctious puppy! He's been jumping around and dancing, you can tell he's so happy!
He's got some severe muscular atrophy, but it's nothing a a few extra laps around the block can't fix. As a matter of fact, it'll be good for ALL of us to do extra laps.
Here's a darling picture of Devin with his cool new foster-pal, Battleship.

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The Wehrweins said...

Yeah for Devin! Are you guys bringing him and Battleship to Turkey day?