Sunday, March 8, 2009

10 years?!

Next month, on April 18th, I will be "celebrating" during my 10 year high school reunion

I cannot believe how much time has gone by, but at the same time, I greatly appreciate how far away I am from 10 years ago. 

Now, I did not graduate from Carlmont High School in Belmont, California, but I did go there for half of my Sophomore year. Despite having not graduated from here, I do feel it somewhat necessary to attend since I did go to junior high with everyone from this class - Go Ralston Rams! 
It will be quite interesting to see everyone again - how much they've grown, where they live now, how successful they've become (since that is what people care about, right?). 
I'm very excited about this but totally dread it at the same time -especially the ordeal I must go through up until the reunion:

- lose weight... at least 10-15 pounds! Double that would be better, but totally unrealistic. 
- grow taller.
- correct my posture. How embarrassing to still be slouching after all of these years!
- buy a cocktail dress. I was thinking a short, black dress with stilettos, but how ordinary... yet oh-so-sophisticated and sexy if done right!
- learn how to repeat, in a short but not too basic paragraph, the story of my fabulous life including all of my achievements along with all of the special components that make me who I am now. 
So far I've come up with, "I like caring for sick animals, and I can place an IV catheter single-handedly. But enough about me..."

Basically, I know I will be judged on how I've chosen to live my life after high school. That, or no one will give me a second of their time. I know I was that girl in high school - artsy, strange, flamboyant, sarcastic, independent yet very easily influenced -- all of which contributed to my appeal with every clique. But would this "popularity" really stand for anything after all of these years? Or will the topic of coin trump over individuality? Will there be groups of yuppies standing around holding martini's discussing the latest in their over-indulgent luxury purchases, while others coo over baby pictures? Am I going to be the only one that still listens to The Smiths?
No matter, since I am happy to be exactly where I am (but if someone wants to buy me a BMW M3 Coupe', that's perfectly fine with me). I guess I'll just have to wait to see how this goes...

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Melissa Marie said...

oh mam.. 1o years is hard to take in, im usre.. i wish you the best of luck with that.. and i hope real life isnt like the movies.. well unless its like romie and michelle's.. and you can bust out into a solo dance that everyone loves! that would be sweet!