Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Phyllis, you're awesome!

I absolutely love the bag that you made for me. It is so durable and the pockets are plentiful, which helps as I tend to lug everything with me (multiple shades of lip gloss, too many pens, Devin's snacks, ipod, several bottles of scented antibacterial hand-sanitizers, etc). 

You should know that I've received many compliments on it's colors, but mostly it is complimented on it's amazingly fine craftsmanship. I love showing it off in all of it's glorious ways such as, "Look, it even has a keyring clip!"
I used the bag as my primary beach bag while in Kaua'i. Once returning to the mainland and the redundancy of a work schedule, I placed a bottle of fruit juice in the bag. Later that day, I reached in the bag for my juice and found sand stuck to the bottle because of the condensation. I felt like I was magically whisked away to Kauai with the sand and the fruit and my bag. It was a special moment.

Anyway, thank you so very much for making such a wonderful gift for me. Here are some pictures of the bag. Sure, they aren't showing in detail, but they're "action shots"!

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