Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Roller coaster, ooh hoo hoo hoo"

So, I haven't been to Great America since I was a Ralston Ram strapped with a season pass. I would go here with packs of friends and ride the Tidal Wave over and over again, then proceed to hit up Top Gun for consecutive rides.
I've gotten old and rickety since then, kinda like the Grizzly.
This time around, the Grizzly was the most pleasurable ride. It went up and down and was fast enough to thrill and was also compassionate enough not to go in upside-down loops. I really, really liked that.

So, not much has changed in the past 11 or so years here at Great America. Same fountains. Same food court. Same props used to induce excitement while in line for Top Gun (now Flight Deck), minus the cheesy music and pukey love scenes between Maverick and Charlie.
It was still possible to go here with my boyfriend and have a good time on a Monday afternoon. The main reason our blast-to-the-past was as wonderful as it was, is all thanks to the adolescent nuisances leaving their attitudes at home. Kids were being courteous and stuff- it was
so weird.
Words to the wise:
Oh, old wise one, if you go to Great America as an adult, remember, you are an adult and your stomachs can't handle that kind of food anymore. Pack a lunch if you can sneak it in or get your hand stamped and eat your lunch in your car. It's so worth it. We were dumb and didn't do this. Instead we had to choose from dehydrated and disgusting looking pizza and fries or a (ever so) slightly more palatable looking "cheddar cheese filled" pretzel. The cheese is comparable to that of the stuff you smear on a cracker with a red stick, and the center was frozen. But this wasn't nearly as bad as the salad I saw at the cafe near the Spongebob ride- disintegrating cucumbers and brown iceberg lettuce. YUCK!

Anyway, we had a really good time. Now, back to adult life... well, hello Jameson.

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