Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

Early Sunday mornings were once occupied by the droning commute to and from Miss Betty's house in East Oakland, where I would go to provide treatment for her starting to fail renal glands. This no longer happens on Sunday's. Instead, it happens on Tuesday mornings. 
Gladly now, each Sunday morning I've succumbed to oversleeping (whoopie, 7:30 instead of 6:00). I indulge in the Temescal Farmer's Market, where I pick and choose carefully the best looking bunch of greens at each stand. I take Devin to the Hardy Dog Park and plug my ears with every BART that howls above me. But best of all, I have my breakfast sitting down in the wonderful silence that is my home on Sunday mornings.
This morning, I had 2 slices of toast smeared generously with Earth Balance and organic raspberry preserve. I didn't feel like cleaning the espresso machine, so I cracked open a Diet Coke instead. 
Yes, that's how I roll.

As I ate, I was searching online for inspiring egg recipes, I came across this blog: simply breakfast
I want to live here and have these beautiful breakfasts every day, but because that won't happen, this blog will just be an addition to my Sunday mornings.

(photo by jen, simply breakfast)

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