Tuesday, July 8, 2008

bye, jinx.

We are saddened by our recent loss of our foster kitten, Jinx. After being in our hearts and home for the past 2 weeks, he was quietly put to sleep this morning once being diagnosed with a pericardial effusion; a diagnosis that has no cure, and symptomatic treatment is expensive and dreary.

I brought him home unaware of his delicate physical state, because I just knew Tim would be touched and enlightened by his presence- sure enough, he was. Tim immediately grew fond of Jinx, and the same for Jinx with Tim. The two of them bonded like glue. Jinx has been witnessed giving Tim kisses on his face, and also climbing great couch heights just to finish Tim's bowl of cereal milk.

He was only 11 weeks old, but was the most powerful and loving soul in the entire kitten kingdom.

Jinx, darling kitten with the stunningly blue eyes, you will be missed, my friend.

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