Wednesday, July 2, 2008

BURST, said the button to the jeans.

When Tim and I first started dating, he told me of this monster described as a "Crispy Cream donut bacon cheeseburger", then he stared off and proclaimed his desire to have one. 
With my face contorted in awe, I asked, "Are you serious?"
He quickly replied, "I was only joking." 
I have since always thought that he was joking about the existence of this monster. Years later, here I am succumbing to this fine addiction of browsing the internet, and I found it- the monster itself was right in front of me.
I am frightened. Good thing Tim doesn't eat meat anymore! 

                                                                                   (grub @ Google NYC's cafeteria)


The McCarthys said...

that's disgusting, even for a carnivore!!!!!!!

Dixons said...

Hey there, you two! Ok, this is really disgusting! Dan and I can't believe something like this really exists! Glad we could find your blog so we can be cyber friends forever.... :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! That looks horrid!!!